Who we are

Phil Budgell

  • Principal Inspector Secondary and Special Schools; Sheffield LEA until 1997. Led the LEA team that developed the first tool-kit for school development planning. Developed the LEA’s approach to performance indicators: including pupil attainment and progress and financial benchmarking. At a time of declining budgets, responsible for assessing schools’ claims on the contingency fund. Contractor for OFSTED inspections.
  • Participated in a range of national initiatives: OFSTED Registered Inspector, Performance Management Consultant and Threshold Assessor.
  • Tutor and Assessor with Yorkshire and Humber National Professional Qualification for Headship Consortium.
  • Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.
  • Highly skilled in the use of spreadsheets and databases.
  • Developing skills in the use of project planning software.

Recent contracts include:

  • Development of provision for pupils with special educational needs;
  • Establishing the principles for the Local Management of Special Schools and the new funding formula;
  • Analysing pupil performance and progress in the secondary sector;
  • Analysing pupil performance and progress in the primary and secondary sectors;
  • Best Value Review;
  • Department for Education and Skills – target setting in the “Octet” group of low attaining schools and preparation for inspection in a “Fresh Start” school;
  • Analysing pupil performance and progress in the primary and secondary sectors, review of individual schools, Special Educational Needs Review;
  • Management support consultancy to Schools facing Challenging Circumstances and
  • School Improvement Adviser and Leadership Incentive Grant.