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Patricia Axe

As headteacher of a successful school, responsible for:

  • Whole school improvement program with success at both KS3 and 4, e.g.
    5+ A*-C rose from 17% in 1996 to 31%. Average points score from 21.6 to 30.8
  • Successful initial Bid for designation as a Technology College in 1996 and subsequent progression to Phase 3
  • Development of the school as the hub of the first City Learning Centre in Sheffield and its status as a CISCO Academy
  • Acceptance as a pilot for the South Yorkshire e-learning project and to develop a technology Classroom of the Future
  • Incorporation of Gifted & Talented, Learning Mentor and Learning Support Unit strands of Excellence in Cities and of Study Support within the framework of the school
  • Participation as a pilot school for the Connexions initiative
  • Development of close and practically effective working relationships with a wide range of business partners
  • Development of a quality approaches and their recognition by:
    • CharterMark
    • Investors in People
    • Careers KiteMark

Particular management skills include

  • Whole School Management & Development Planning
  • Financial management and budget planning
  • Timetable and curriculum planning
  • Project planning and leadership of quality initiatives
  • Personnel management and team approaches
  • Recent contracts include:
  • Management support consultancy to Schools facing Challenging Circumstances and
  • School Improvement Adviser and Leadership Incentive Grant.