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Ian Cockburn

Headteacher of a successful 11-16 comprehensive school for fifteen years during which time:

  • We brought about the successful amalgamation with a neighbouring school
  • We developed school as a hub for a City learning Centre through the Excellence in Cities programme
  • I was an external examiner for Sheffield University Teacher Training Programme
  • The school was a pilot for the South Yorkshire e-learning Project
  • I was a secondary headteacher member of the DfES School Libraries Working Group
  • A whole school inclusion framework was developed through Excellence in Cities Programme
  • The school co-operated with the local education authority in it’s response to the establishment of OFSTED
  • The school hosted the local education authority’s Management Support Unit

Particular Professional skills:

  • Curriculum and timetable planning
  • Personnel management and team building
  • School organisation and management
  • Budget planning and financial management
  • Working with teachers.