Examples of our work

Our work is wide ranging and impacts on many areas of leadership and management development in schools and LEAs. Here are some examples of our recent work.

LEAs and Schools facing Challenging Circumstances

Many Local Education Authorities facing challenging circumstances have difficulty appointing and retaining advisers, inspectors and school improvement officers with recent and relevant experience in the leadership and management of secondary schools. We have that experience and expertise.

The team has been working with a Metropolitan district, on a major contract sponsored by the DfES, to increase the capacity of schools to lead and manage their own development.

This work has highlighted the following areas:-

  • School development planning;
  • Teaching and learning;
  • Middle management development;
  • Information analysis and target setting across schools
  • Curriculum notation and analysis;
  • Recruitment and selection of senior staff;
  • Financial management and planning and
  • Leadership group development as key areas for support.

We are now working in a number of other LEAs and schools providing similar support for schools in special measures or serious weaknesses, and working with schools in preparation for OFSTED inspections.

School Improvement Adviser and Leadership Incentive Grant

The most recent development has seen the finessing of our work as leadership consultants with the school improvement adviser role and the Leadership Incentive Grant. We are now working priorities alongside Headteachers in a number of LEAs to develop capacity and collaboration in a range of identified project areas, e.g.

  • peer review;
  • teaching and learning;
  • continuing professional development and school organisation;
  • workforce reform;
  • reshaping the curriculum and
  • information analysis and target setting across schools
  • Information and ICT strategy
  • Design and deliver of training, e.g. project management

Other Areas of Work

Team members also work with individual schools and LEAs to develop the skills outlined above and respond to specific requests which have included the following :-

  • Governor training and support;
  • Asset management planning;
  • PFI project development;
  • Preparation for inspection;
  • Subject specific support and development and
  • Specialist Status Bids

If your needs are not listed above, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your LEA’s or school’s needs.