How we work

We provide a customised response to the issues and concerns you raise about the development of leadership and management at all levels of the education service.

To do this:

  • We will ensure that there is a common understanding between you and us of the issues to be addressed by our consultants.

With you we will:

  • Hold a preliminary meeting and submit a written report to establish the scope of our work
  • Define how and when our objectives will be achieved
  • Produce an analysis of the current status of the key issues
  • Make explicit any changes envisaged by our work and their subsequent impact on the existing management structures and processes
  • Clarify any activities to be undertaken as part of our involvement
  • Define key milestones within any intervention
  • Agree the priorities and activities within any intervention
  • Deliver the programme that has been agreed
  • Determine whether our involvement has achieved your objectives
  • Review what further actions may be needed either to make the change fully effective or in related areas outside the scope of the current intervention

In order to ensure quality we will:

use our unique approach to the management and delivery of change projects: Education Systems Development Method.